Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Italy - Venice - 8.5.1957

Photo Postcard of Nancy Watson and Miss Millicent Armstrong on a Gondola.

Hotel Gabrielli, Venice. Italy - 8.5.1957

Dear Arbud,*

Don't say I don't think up the loveliest treats for you! I just knew you'd like to see the HAT on yet another adventure.  I feel I have now seen everything, a street photographer in Venice!  There we were, thinking no evil to nobody, when from a gondola parked on the other side of the canal comes a flash, followed by the throwing of the ticket into our gondola!  We went for a long trip by gondola ( I can't seem able to help repeating the word 'gondola') this afternoon, and we were snapped by no less than 4 of the pests.  Sometimes they or a small boy waiting on the next bridge who throws the ticket down. You've no idea of what one can see in a canal if one is silly enough to look!  They smell, rather, but I still love Venice dearly.  Leave in the a.m. for Bolzano in the Alps, probably be snowed in, judging by the cold here.  Haven't had any letters from you and the kids for a while, so guess you must be travelling.  No word yet from Sue, but as she has only been at school for 11 days and her letters go to London first, I suppose it's not to be wondered at.  Nan

*My mothers nickname, when she was a little girl she would go up to some flowers and pick the buds off saying as she did it,  Ahhh bud, aaahhhh bud and so on.  So to those who knew her as a child still call her Bud or Arbud.

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